Ruck release v8.0.0

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  • Updated dependencies.
  • React v18 is now supported; dropping support for earlier versions.
    • Project client import maps must now have a react-dom/client entry, instead of react-dom.
    • Ruck now uses in hydrate.mjs the new function hydrateRoot from react-dom/client instead of the old function hydrate from react-dom.


  • Updated dependencies.
  • Different approach to dependency URLs:
    • Remove the cdn subdomain that was deprecated in v79.
    • Use ?target=deno in server import maps.
  • Updated the readme:
  • No longer using the Deno --unstable flag for the install and test scripts.
  • Made it easier to run the script for finding the minimum compatible Deno version by making it executable and adding a shebang.
  • Added a new script to type check every JavaScript module in the project, and configured GitHub Actions CI to use it.
  • Updated Puppeteer for tests and modernized related test helper code.
  • Improved console logging of Puppeteer browser console output in tests.
  • Refactored function createPseudoNode tests to better isolate each test.
  • Refactored function hydrate tests to better isolate each test and avoid Puppeteer browser errors relating to modifying HTML and import maps.
  • Changed some test assertions to be less noisy if they fail.
  • Updated GitHub Actions CI config.