Ruck release v2.0.0

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  • Route related function/module names and types have been improved to clarify in which situations route content may be a promise. When a route is being prepared and may have a promise for content it’s called a “route plan”, and when the resolved content renders it’s just called a “route”. The word “plan” was chosen because sometimes navigation to a route doesn’t go according to plan; the content promise (typically from a dynamic import) could reject or the navigation could be aborted before the content promise resolves and is ready to render.
    • Renamed the function/module routeDetailsForContentWithCss.mjs to routePlanForContentWithCss.mjs.
    • The Router type (from serve.mjs) intended for the default export of a project public/router.mjs module now returns a new RoutePlan type (also from serve.mjs) instead of RouteDetails, which has been removed.
    • The Route type (from serve.mjs) for the RouteContext React context value that the useRoute React hook returns no longer suggests the content property could be a promise. This type was previously used for both when a route was planned and rendering, and while it’s ok to plan a route without using a promise for the content, it created the false impression that the content for a rendered route might be a promise.
    • Reworded several error messages within serve.mjs.


  • Updated dependencies.
  • Fixed a readme code example comment typo.
  • Improved the readme code example for a Ruck app component.